• Stay In Touch With Next Fone

    Network Availability Number
    Say you're expecting an important call and your Internet connection goes down. You're covered! Even without the Internet, you can still receive calls at your Network Availability Number.
    Next Fone Access
    With Next Fone Access number, anyone can contact a Next Fone phone number for the cost of a local call. Even non-Next Fone customers can use Next Fone Access, as long as they're calling a Next Fone number.
    Call Return
    Didn't make it to the phone in time? Don't worry! Call Return tells you who called, the date and time they called - and then you decide if you want to call them back.
    Caller ID with Name
    Take only the calls you want. With Caller ID with Name, you can see who's calling and decide if you want to answer the phone or let it go to voicemail.
    Caller ID Block
    Don't want the person you're calling to know your number? Block it! You can turn on Caller ID Block when you pick up the phone to make the call.
    Anonymous Call Block
    Your days of dealing with annoying anonymous sales calls are over! It's true - your phone won't even ring if the caller blocks their Caller ID. They'll automatically hear a message saying you don't accept anonymous calls
    Do Not Disturb
    Need some quiet time? No problem! Turn on Do Not Disturb and relax - all incoming calls will be blocked, going straight to Next Fone Voicemail