Managed IP PBX

Smooth your migration to VoIP with global Managed IP PBX.
Now you can converge your networks and take control of your IP PBX. Our end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) solution integrates the management of your IP PBX with that of the enterprise WAN and LAN. Managed IP PBX delivers productivity-enhancing applications, streamlined operating expenses, and outstanding network management.

  • Our global Managed IP PBX delivers:

    A comprehensive VoIP solution
    Cutting-edge IP Telephony features in a premises-based solution—no capital investment
    Enhanced user and administration functionality—without adding costly skilled staff
    All elements from planning through post-implementation optimization
    Available for Cisco Call Manager
    Backed by industry-leading SLAs

    Streamlined network management
    Integrate headquarters, branch, and remote sites
    Converge voice and data onto a single network—eliminating costly PSTN connections
    Control over call features and routing capabilities

    Our fully-managed solution helps reduce total cost of ownership
    Provides improved bandwidth utilization in the wide area
    Gives staff more time to focus on business challenges because management is outsourced

    Managed IP PBX includes:
    Full Implementation
    Our premises-based IP telephony solution covers everything from planning and design, to installation, operation, and optimization.
    Fault Management
    - Detection, correlation, isolation, recovery, and reporting.
    Configuration Management
    - Provision and change management, auto discovery, back-up/restore, and inventory/asset management.
    Accounting Management
    - Usage tracking and service cost allocation.
    Performance Management
    - Provides collection, correlation, and end-user access to key service-related data and parameters.
    Security Management
    - Includes operational security—network security options can be added as necessary.
    Fraud Protection
    - Helps protect customers from illegitimate use of their phone system
    - Around-the-clock monitoring and customer notification of suspect or fraudulent calling
    - Enables early detection
    User and Administration Features
    - Calling Waiting, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding, and much more.