Virtual LAN

LAN management can help improve service and network performance
When you extend our Managed Network Solutions to your LAN, you gain a seamless view into your WAN and LAN environments that can help reduce total cost of ownership. Coordinated WAN/LAN Management can also reduce the risk of deploying converged networks and emerging technologies.

  • Fault isolation and restoration systems:
    Automatically detect faults and reinstate operations where appropriate
    Leverage authorized Network Operations Centers (NOCs) to isolate and restore faults across core, edge, and customer premise equipment (CPE)

    Robust reporting:
    Allows you to outsource management and keep control of your networks
    Delivers automatic real-time ticket status updates by voice, pager, or e-mail
    Provides on-demand reporting via a customer Web portal

    Proactive monitoring systems:
    Help maintain network continuity and reduce downtime
    Manage peak-performance bandwidth
    Constantly poll manageable network devices to determine status and proper functionality
    Issue early-warning degradation alerts before users are affected
    Respond to alarm conditions and work issues from inception to resolution