Virtual WAN

Let us manage your WAN, so you can focus on core objectives.
Next Online has the tools and processes that can help lower WAN total ownership costs and increase critical uptime. Our services are flexible and scalable—everything from simple monitoring and notification to fully outsourced solutions.

  • Fault isolation and restoration systems:
    Automatically detect faults and reinstate operations where appropriate
    Leverage Network Operations Centers (NOCs) to isolate and restore faults across core, edge, and customer premise equipment (CPE)

    Robust reporting:
    Allows you to outsource management and still keep control of your networks
    Delivers automatic, real-time ticket status updates by pager or e-mail
    Provides on-demand reporting via a customer Web portal

    Proactive monitoring systems:
    Help maintain network continuity and reduce downtime
    Manage peak-performance bandwidth
    Constantly poll manageable network devices to determine status and proper functionality
    Issue early-warning degradation alerts before users are affected
    Respond to alarm conditions and work issues from inception to resolution

    WAN Management is available with:
    Private IP
    IP VPN Broadband
    IP VPN Dedicated
    Frame Relay
    Private Line Services
    Internet Dedicated Access