Increase your network's reach while reducing the risks.

  • Remote employees, data exchange with partners, customer communications—these are just a few examples of how businesses of all sizes are increasingly interconnected and mobile. And why they're increasingly at risk. But Next Online's end-to-end, layered security products can help you keep the openness you need, while maintaining security across your organization.

    Business-saving PC and device protection.
    One loaded e-mail, a single click on a fraudulent website, or a brief judgment lapse can expose your PCs, devices, network, or even your entire business to disruption at best, total disaster at worst. To protect you from these threats, Next Online provides an integrated security suite from World renowned Antivirus Solution makers. It provides e-mail, web, and firewall protection to help you effectively close down vulnerability across your organization, from all types of threats.

    Always-on Managed Security Services.
    Next Online's Managed Security Services provide medium-sized businesses with a robust, advanced way to identify vulnerabilities. With on-site and remote security assessments and remote security monitoring, you get insight into potential risk—so that lapses and holes in security can be shut down before data thieves can exploit them.