Improve your IT solution. Reduce your costs.

  • More patients. More privacy regulations. More IT demands. Such are the challenges of a new but growing medical practice. But with a tight IT budget and only one IT specialist, an in-house data center is out of the question. Which is why it's looking to Next Online's cloud services. By outsourcing its infrastructure, the practice can expand systems as needed, share patient data securely, and always be "on." Plus, when the doctors open a second office, they'll have a secure way to share and use their data and applications.

    No expensive hardware to buy, no limits to growth.
    Next Online cloud services give you an enterprise-grade IT solution, so you can avoid investing in expensive hardware. Whether you're expanding or trying to do more with less, you can extend your own IT infrastructure into our cloud. Our solution allows you to purchase services as you need them and only pay for the ones you use. It's an ideal way to start small and quickly scale up or down as your business needs it, even for seasonal or temporary growth.

    We'll manage your IT infrastructure. You manage your data and staff.
    Enjoy a fully managed IT infrastructure without the burden of day-to-day maintenance, monitoring, and licensing responsibilities. You'll be amazed at how much time that frees up for your IT staff, your applications, and your data. Not to mention your business. With Next Online cloud services, you'll have a customer portal through which you can view and manage your account—either remotely or from your office. There's simply no faster way to expand your IT infrastructure with built-in security and enterprise-grade performance.

    On demand and on your terms.
    Pay for your computing power as you go, and get exactly as much as you need, with enterprise-class virtualization—even if your business isn't enterprise-sized. Our Computing as a Service solution goes beyond the average public cloud approach, providing organizations of all sizes with secure access to online, computing capacity, and a fully redundant platform to maintain the availability of your applications.

    Connect to one of the world's largest, most secure, and most reliable IP networks.
    Enjoy the security and reliability that comes with connecting to one of the largest IP networks. When you connect to Next Online's cloud, you get a network and data centers that are fast, reliable, secure, and carefully managed.

    Built in security.
    The security of your data is of utmost concern. What may surprise you is the level of security in Next Online Cloud Services. We've enhanced the physical security of our data centers and tightened the security of our customer portal with controlled access lists. We've also deployed logical security at the computing environment that meets the security standards of large enterprise customers. In fact, our Cloud Services may be more secure than what your business relies on right now.