Expand your ability to communicate and control your costs.

  • In business, no matter your size or industry, you need to communicate and collaborate in real time, virtually anytime and anywhere. You also need to control costs and gain the maximum benefit for every dollar you spend. With Next Online, they all go together. We provide a full range of standard telecommunications solutions—as well as innovative solutions well beyond the standard—in a wide variety of cost-effective bundles.

    Collaborate more, and better, for more and better productivity.
    Securely share a new product presentation with a colleague. Interact in real time with a vendor providing key materials. Answer a top customer's question immediately. Our innovative, productivity-enhancing tools can encourage and enhance collaboration across your entire business, as well as eliminate travel and reduce expenses.

    Discover the many benefits of one network for voice, data and video.
    By converging your data and voice onto a single network with our Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, you can control costs and increase your ability to scale easily and affordably over multiple locations. And don't worry—with Next Online VoIP, you can rest assured that voice, data and video quality will be stellar, with IP traffic split between the two for exceptional performance.

    Collaborate virtually anytime, anywhere.
    When you combine an idea with fresh perspectives, it often becomes a better idea. With Next Online, you can have advanced collaboration tools, so that people across your organization and beyond can come together at any time, whenever that idea hits. And our communication and collaboration solutions are backed by stringent service level agreements (SLAs), some of which are for up to 100-percent availability.