You handle the business. We Will handle the IT.

  • Let's say you've got four offices. Each is 100 miles from the other. All of them need an in-house IT support team, but you haven't got the budget to bring on full-time IT staff. How do you manage your IT assets at all locations? Next Online Outsourcing solutions makes it simple. Our team can manage and monitor your IT assets and—should the need arise—alert one of our IT professionals to diagnose and quickly resolve any network problem. Not only do you save unnecessary employee and travel costs, but you can also focus on what matters most: your business.

    Think of us as your own IT department.
    As if doing business wasn't complicated enough, you also have to manage IT and all that comes with it. No worries. With Next Online Outsourcing solutions, our experienced staff can help shoulder your IT burden, enabling you to do more with less. Our experts can handle anything from updating and maintaining your hardware to configuring and managing your entire network. And chances are good that our Outsourcing solutions will prove more cost-effective than building, securing, and maintaining your own network and IT department. If nothing else, it's a whole lot easier.

    Experienced. Dependable. Professional.
    If your network goes down, so does your business. That's why so many companies depend on Next Online. We own and maintain one of the largest private IP networks, and offer service level agreements (SLAs) for up to 100-percent uptime. Plus, our support staff is available to you 24x7, so we always have your back. If there's ever a problem, our Network Operation Center (NOC) can quickly recognize it, diagnose it, and resolve it.

    Keep a pulse on your more secure network.
    One great benefit of Next Online Outsourcing solutions is how we leverage your current technologies, enabling you to get the most from your existing IT investments. We also help you keep a closer eye on things. Our simple reporting tools enable you to stay up-to-date on the health and performance of your network. Digital security? No problem. Our Security Management Program (SMP) can provide a thorough security assessment to identify your potential vulnerabilities and help your business stay safe.