Hackers and criminals target businesses by ease of opportunity, not by size.

  • Your business is surrounded. Digital opportunists, hooligans, and thieves stalk organizations of all types, of all sizes, looking for any opportunity to cash in. And all it takes is one misplaced laptop or unguarded network entry point and they're in—stealing credit card numbers, rummaging through sensitive information, taking your business down. But Next Online can help keep them out and secure your business.

    We focus on security, so you can focus on business.
    Next Online is a name many consider for security solutions—and a large number count on. Many of the largest companies turn to Next Online for security. And many of the world's top security vendors test and certify with ICSA Labs, an independent division of Next Online. But our big presence doesn't equal oversized costs. With our Security Management Program (SMP), your specific security needs are assessed at the outset, so you get the services that fit your needs, which enables more relevant protection for your investment.

    Security solutions that match your security needs.
    Some businesses want a fully managed, layered, and comprehensive security approach—complete with disaster recovery options—across their entire business. Others prefer to manage security with in-house resources armed with effective tools for their existing network. Either way, Next Online can help. We tailor our network-agnostic services to meet specific needs, whether that's providing end-to-end services or giving your IT team the right tools.

    Leaving nothing open to exploit, except possibilities.
    To reduce the likelihood of a breach, you must protect against potential points of intrusion. Your business needs to shield data wherever it resides—on PCs or mobile devices, in applications or e-mail. With Next Online, we can protect your business across all those points—no matter if you have only one employee and location, or an extensive footprint with hundreds of employees. And by providing layered security, we can help you address security compliance requirements, from HIPAA to GLBA to PCI DSS, and help your business achieve the confidence necessary to move ahead without hesitation or worry.